First date

Je vous propose aujourd’hui de découvrir ou de redécouvrir le titre « First Date » extrait du nouvel album « Love & Money » composé par Katie et Tim son bassiste de longue date.

He said, « Everyone is getting married »
I said, « Well, don’t let that force the matter »
I know the way these days can go
We’re gonna get carried away

Oh, ’cause when the sea is strong
And when the vibe is good
And the music plays
And you’re looking over in all your sea surging ways
He’s getting carried away
Somewhere up high

I like the way that he surfs
And he wants to go on a silent retreat
I told him I was getting into ballet
Now I’m getting carried away, ooh

Look, it’s in every day living
If you wanna make it in romance
Something will need to start giving
Or how are you gonna make it fit between
The tempos and the songs and all that overthinking?

Gonna be as careful about finding him
As careful as I am about finding songs
I hope you’ll be the same
But I hope you’ll get a little carried away
I hope you’ll get the same strange ways
Now we’re getting carried away
Among the light of the stars and the light of the sun
Silver in the clouds
Moving his blood ’round and ’round
I hope he’ll dream of our future days
Now I’m getting carried away
I’m getting carried away
I’m getting carried away

Katie Melua, Tim Harries

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