End Of Summer

Bonjour à tous,

Katie a annoncé avoir collaboré avec L.U.C. and Hugh Welchman sur la bande-son du film « The Peasants ». Vous trouverez ci-après la bande-annonce du film et la musique « Ed Of Summer » sur laquelle à travaillé Katie.

Pre-Christmas, I collaborated with L.U.C. and Hugh Welchman on ‘The Peasants’ film soundtrack. You can hear this track from today! It was an absolute honour to have worked on it. The book this film is based on is a staple of the greats within Polish literature. And if you haven’t seen the film, I can’t recommend it enough. Plus, the entire soundtrack is as visceral and spine-tingling as the movie itself: https://peasants.lnk.to/endofsummerIN

Katie Melua Official

Katie sera en Australie au printemps pour le Bluefest et également sera en concert les 3 et 4 avril respectivement à Sydney & Melbourne. Les pré-ventes auront lieu le 6 février si vous êtes abonnés à la mailing list.

I’m so pleased to announce that I’ll be visiting Australia very soon, my first trip down under in about 18 years!
I’ll be performing at the amazing Bluesfest in Byron Bay on Friday 29 March, Sunday 31 March, and Monday 1 April. More info and tickets for Bluesfest are available here: https://katiemelua.lnk.to/bluesfest2024
And I’ll be playing two very special headline shows as well, on Wednesday 3 April at City Recital Hall, Sydney, and Thursday 4 April at Northcote Theatre, Melbourne.
Next week on Tuesday 6 February, we’ll have an exclusive pre-sale for the headline dates launching for my mailing list community. Sign up here: https://katiemelua.lnk.to/subscribe

Katie Melua Official
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Bonne Année 2024

Bonsoir à tous !

Je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2024 : la santé, le bonheur et beaucoup de Katie Melua !

Katie a annoncé sur sa page facebook qu’elle sera en Autralie pour le BluesFest, elle n’y avait pas mis les pieds depuis 2005 ! Une excellente nouvelle ! Qui pourra y aller ?

J’espère qu’elle annoncera vite de nouvelles dates en France et Europe !

Je vous propose de découvrir ou de redécouvrir le titre « Turn To Tell » de Katie extrait de la réédition de son premier album « Call of The Search » qui fête ses 20ans.

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First date

Je vous propose aujourd’hui de découvrir ou de redécouvrir le titre « First Date » extrait du nouvel album « Love & Money » composé par Katie et Tim son bassiste de longue date.

He said, « Everyone is getting married »
I said, « Well, don’t let that force the matter »
I know the way these days can go
We’re gonna get carried away

Oh, ’cause when the sea is strong
And when the vibe is good
And the music plays
And you’re looking over in all your sea surging ways
He’s getting carried away
Somewhere up high

I like the way that he surfs
And he wants to go on a silent retreat
I told him I was getting into ballet
Now I’m getting carried away, ooh

Look, it’s in every day living
If you wanna make it in romance
Something will need to start giving
Or how are you gonna make it fit between
The tempos and the songs and all that overthinking?

Gonna be as careful about finding him
As careful as I am about finding songs
I hope you’ll be the same
But I hope you’ll get a little carried away
I hope you’ll get the same strange ways
Now we’re getting carried away
Among the light of the stars and the light of the sun
Silver in the clouds
Moving his blood ’round and ’round
I hope he’ll dream of our future days
Now I’m getting carried away
I’m getting carried away
I’m getting carried away

Katie Melua, Tim Harries
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Bonjour à tous,

On se retrouve pour notre traditionnel rdv pour écouter les nouveaux titres de l’album de Katie. Aujourd’hui je vous propose Reefs.

Mary’s written on the forum
The burning forest needs our voice
There won’t be a future waiting for us
There’s too much riding on minting coins

It’s all happening at once
Hope is high like the shining sun
Diving down for his beliefs
It’s all happening at once
In Newport, the aim of his life
Is to save the coral reefs
He’s gonna save the coral reefs

She’s standing out on the highway railing
Her signs say « This can’t last forever »
They’re shouting back, « Then don’t have a baby »
She laughs, we’re meant to fix it togethеr

It’s all happening at once
His first gun in the goldеn fields
And says he’d die to set them free
It’s all happening at once
The others tell of how he’s been turned
By a bruiser and a lying thief
And by the grand and cloudy tales, they weave

It’s all happening at once
Birds are flying from the north
The man was shot in disbelief
It’s all happening at once
Storms are heading to Newport town
He’s gonna save the coral reefs
He’s gonna save the coral reefs

Katie Melua, Petter Ericson Stakee
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