New Layout.

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Hello everyone!!

The new album of Katie is out now, new tour is about to start in Europe… It was time to change the layout of the website that has celebrated six years online this summer. I’m so proud of all the way done since 2012. Thank you for all your support and expected to have your back soon about the new layout =)

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Ultimate Collection is out now.

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Hello everyone,

Katie’s new album “Ultimate Collection” is outnow. The tour is starting in ten days!

If you missed Katie appearance on BBC, there’s the video.

Katie says : “Have to tell you about @karni_and_saul directing the upcoming tour. The colours and flavours they’re coming up with for all the visuals are gonna be something else and yesterday Karni came to listen to rehearsals. Very excited bout what we’re embarking on.”

Karni & Saul are the directors of the video “Perfect World”.

Gallery Update.

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I’ve added pictures to the gallery. Pictures from this summer, from the TV Show Lorraine and from the TV Show Gottschalk in Hamburg.
The tv show Gottschalk who celebrates 1968 will be aired on the 6th october on 2DF.

Katie Melua Gala Live.

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Hello everyone!

Katie was in Paris at RTL, FranceInfo, Gala for the promotion of her new album coming out soon. There’s a beautiful accoustic live for Gala. She plays Bridge Over Troubled Water, Diamonds are Forever, Nine Million Bicycles, Perfect World…

The Ultimate Collection.

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Hello everyone,

That’s official. Her new best-of “Ultimate Collection” will be out on the 5th october. This new album contains 30 tracks from her 7 albums, and 3 new tracks : «Fields Of Gold» and 2 new records of «Bridge Over Troubled Water» and«Diamonds Are Forever». There’s the tracklist:
1. Nine Million Bicycles
2. What A Wonderful World
3. Plane Song
4. The One I Love Is Gone
5. Crawling Up A Hill
6. In My Secret Life
7. The Love I’m Frightened Of
8. Red Balloons
9. Belfast
10. A Time To Buy
11. What I Miss About You
12. Spider’s Web
13. Thank You Stars
14. I Will Be There
15. River
1. The Closest Thing To Crazy
2. Dreams On Fire
3. Wonderful Life
4. If You Are So Beautiful
5. Piece By Piece
6. The Little Swallow
7. Just Like Heaven
8. Call Off The Search
9. The Walls of the World
10. The Flood
11. Tiger In The Night
12. I Cried For You
13. If You Were A Sailboat
14. Where Does The Ocean Go?
15. A Perfect World
Bonus Tracks
16. Bridge Over Troubled Water
17. Diamonds Are Forever
Fields Of Gold

There’s the first song from it, “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

You can pre-command the album on Fnac >>